Do Essential Oils Really Work?

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Prior to my son's, diagnosis, I hadn't ever used essential oils, and even in my private practice as a holistic nutritionist, I rarely recommended them. The reason was simple...I didn't know what they were, how to use them or even if they had any medicinal benefits. 

However, when Kicker, my son, was diagnosed with Leukemia, things shifted! I was willing to do anything and everything I could to help him get better.

So, fast forward to December 2013, me sitting in a cold and sterile hospital room with my precious baby boy who was fighting for his life, and my sister rushing to the hospital with a diffuser and a bag full of the most divine smelling bottles. She immediately plugged in the diffuser and began diffusing essential oils.

I really had no idea what was happening, but not only did the entire hospital staff begin flocking to our room, curious as to what the incredible aroma was, but for the next 3.5 weeks during our hospital stay, our room became the new "nurse's station" because they found the aroma to be refreshing, uplifting and comforting. 

After about 3 months into Kicker's diagnosis, I decided that it was time to begin researching more into the science behind essential oils, how the they worked and why they were so therapeutic. And as it turns out, essential oils are a whole lot more than "refreshing, uplifting, and comforting."

Now...let me pause for a moment and "preface" a few things...

Ever since my son's diagnosis, he has truly beat the odds! The doctor's can't believe how healthy he is, and they often comment about how "lucky" he is to be doing so well during his chemotherapy treatment protocol.

When we left the hospital at the end of December, we were even told that we should expect to be back at least 10 times during the next 3 years of his treatment due to viral or bacterial infections...and as we are into our second year of treatment, not only has Kicker never been hospitalized for ANY illness or infection, but he has also never suffered any side effects from the cancer or the chemotherapy protocol!

The reason for this "luck"...I believe it's because we implemented a strict, nutrient dense, ketogenic style diet for Kicker, put him on a therapeutic detox and supplement protocol and have been consistently using essential oils. All three of these areas have worked hand-in-hand.

And in case you are wondering...The Ketogenic Diet starves the cancer cells, the detox therapies help to push the dead cancer cells and toxic medications out of his system and the extra immune support provided enables his healthy cells to remain active and fight.

So, let me get back to focusing on essential oils and the things I learned by first answering the question...what exactly is an essential oil? 

As it turns out, not only have there been hundreds of published studies done on the effectiveness of essential oils and human health, but an essential oil is derived from an aromatic plant. This is typically done using a careful steam distillation process, and the oil is actually 50-70% more powerful than its dried counterpart. For example, 1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil is equivalent to drinking 28 cups of Peppermint tea!

Essential oils also have hundreds of different compounds in them, and each compound can have a different benefit. For example, Peppermint Essential Oil can be used to support upset stomach, tension aches and even increase alertness. 

Essential oils support the body when applied topically, especially on the bottoms of the feet because this allows the oils to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream within 28 seconds! And actually, because a person's foot has the largest pores and the blood flows upwards toward the heart, it makes for an even more effective place for application. 

Next, let's address the role essential oils play. 

We each have trillions of cells in our body, and each one is a tiny motor that keeps us alive and thriving. Each cell also has a cell membrane, which acts as the protective layer to the mitochondria...or the inside of the cell.

It is also important to mention that all virus's live on the inside of a cell, all bacteria and fungi live on the outside of the cell, and in order to penetrate any cell membrane, which is composed of fat, the body needs a fat soluble source.

So, here's the exciting part...

Essential oils are lipids! This means that they can penetrate any cell membrane to help maintain the integrity of our immune system!

And this science right here is what made me a believer and confirmed that using essential oils is incredibly effective and beneficial to maintain health! Therefore, we apply:

  • OnGuard, Lemon, Melaleuca and Frankincense Essential Oils on all of us every night. These oils have incredible immune benefits, and in fact, OnGuard is so high in antioxidants that it makes blueberries look like a Snicker's Bar.
  • Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lemongrass and Myrrh Essential Oils on all of us every night. These oils support healthy cell growth and cellular function.

As a family, we are so incredibly thankful for the blessing that these essential oils have been to more ways that you can imagine! 

I also know that there are many opinions and perspectives "out there", but I hope that this research I did during a very crucial and pivotal time in our lives will help you to feel empowered to begin implementing these natural solutions into your life.

But...if you feel the need to learn more about how to use these oils, especially when going through a difficult health crisis, I encourage you listen to this webinar. It is a free class that I taught, specifically focusing on how I helped my son to thrive through cancer.

And if you are ready to begin implementing essential oils into your life, then keep reading!

Here are my TOP 10 favorite essential oils and the benefits they offer!

DigestZen - Digestive distress, colon support, upset stomach, supports healthy acidity in the stomach.

Melaleuca - Supports healthy skin, increases moisture in dry skin and dry scalp, support a healthy mouth. 

OnGuard - Provides immune support, supports healthy cell function, improves energy and gut health.

Deep Blue - Connective tissue and muscle discomfort, soreness, tension, or helps support the feelings of discomfort as a child grows. 

Breathe - Respiratory support, gives aid in clearing out the lungs and chest, and helps increase oxygen to the lungs.

Lavender - Helps with relaxation, contributes to healthy sleep patterns, supports healthy skin and helps the mitigate the symptoms caused by environmental irritants!

Peppermint - Helps with environmental sensitivities, itching, supports healthy digestion, increase focus and alertness,  helps with discomfort, reduces body temperature.

Lemon - Helps remove toxins from the body, supports healthy immune system function, helps improve mood.

Frankincense - The 'Godfather' of all essential oils! Supports healthy cell growth and unhealthy cell removal.

Oregano - Very high in antioxidant properties and helpful at supporting someone when they are feeling under the weather.

How Can You Get These Amazing Essential Oils...In The Most Affordable Way?

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Now, excuse me, while I go and apply some Lavender Essential Oil for a lovely night's sleep!