Death By Drugs

*Did you know that Cancer is the #1 disease killer of American children? Cancer claims the lives of more children each year than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis and diabetes combined.

* The average childhood cancer victim loses 71 life years; a significant loss of productivity to society

*One in five children diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. die.

*Three of five children diagnosed in the U.S. suffer long-term effects of treatment, such as infertility, cognitive issues, learning disabilities, and secondary cancers.

*Cancer kills half of all kids diagnosed worldwide.

* In the past 20 years only two new cancer drugs have been approved specifically for pediatric cancer.

Even with these devastating statistics, for most of us, it is all out of sight, out of mind. In fact, pediatric cancer research only recieves 3.8% funding from the largest federal cancer research organizations, with the majority of funds supporting research for adult cancers.  


Did you know that most children fighting cancer actually die from the TREATMENT not the disease? In my most recent research (sleep is overrated these days) I am learning that most children who die, and have had an autopsy done, the autopsy shows they are CANCER FREE, but that the chemo and radiation is what killed them.

It is important to understand that I am grateful for the advances in medicine, for the invention of chemotherapy to treat cancer. As most of you know, my 3 year old is in the beginning of his own fight against cancer and has already had 14 rounds of chemo in 2.5 months. I am also appreciative of conventional medicine. HOWEVER, it is criminal that our kids are not given the knowledge, resources and support they need to truly KICK cancer and recover into vibrant healthy individuals (If you could see me right now, my jaw is clenched, my fingers are almost making dents on the keyboard and I have my super mean mommy face on).  

These kids are honestly treated like a herd of cattle. For Type B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia they line ‘em up, pump them with their dose of drugs, give the SAME EXACT protocol….whatever happened to the saying ‘you are an individual, God didn’t make any other person on this earth like you.’  We were even told by our Oncologist as we were signing our sons life away in paperwork “This form is where you are told that Kicker will become a number …” Um, what? Did you actually say outloud that my 3-year-old precious little baby who has a life threatening disease is going to become a freaking number?  Ohhhh…GAME ON BUDDY!  Have our Oncologists turned into Chemotherapists? Rather than taking a Holistic approach (holistic doesn’t mean hippie by the way:ho·lis·tic adjective \hō-ˈlis-tik\ : relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts.) Well I want an Oncologist, not a chemotherapist.

I want each child to be treated like an individual.  Why would my child, who is doing so well with treatment, experiencing no side effects, need the SAME dose as the child whose labs are poor, who has chronic infections and is barely surviving, or vise versa??

For our ‘second opinion’ on treatment for Kicker, we met with the TOP Pediatric Oncologist at CHLA.  I was desperate to find a doctor who would approach our son’s treatment as an INDIVIDUAL. I shared with him all of the alternative therapies we were doing with Kicker, including diet. I was so excited to share with him that Kicker had not had any side effects from treatments, that there were no traceable cancer cells in his body after his first month of treatment and that his labs had ALWAYS come back above average. His response? Almost laughing under his breath he said, "You are just wasting your money on all of that other stuff." At that exact moment, Josh grabbed my hand under the desk as if to keep me held down so that I didn’t reach across his desk and slap him. That is when I knew, that it was all on me. I had to do something. But how, what? Where do I start? We have to get this information out to these beautiful families who are doing "whatever the doctor says" to keep their children alive. 

I want these families to have the resource and knowledge of ALL that they can do to help their child’s body fight cancer and not only win, but have an amazing quality of life so they can accomplish their dreams. This will not happen, if we continue the conventional medicine mantra of “Cut, Burn & Poison” the HELL out of it.



Chemotherapy poisons your entire body as an attempt to kill the cancer cells before the "treatment" brings your body to an unrecoverable state. The dismal hope with chemotherapy treatment is that the cancer will be ‘cut, burned and poisoned;’ and your body will only be half dead.

"Her hair was burnt so badly that it never grew back. She literally, for want of a better description, looked like Golum in The Hobbit. She was a fried wretched little child, emaciated, unable to process nutrients, had shingles, had suffered immeasurably. We had rubber gloves to change her diaper because her urine was so toxic from the chemotherapy. The problem is I get six months through this and then I stop and I said, "Okay, what do we do now?" They said, "She dies." Rick Schiff, a police sergeant with the San Francisco Police Departmentand daddy to 4 year old Chrissie who earned her wings at age 6.  [once Chrissie had passed]… we brought Chrissie back and they did an autopsy. The autopsy showed that she died absolutely cancer-free with no sign of cancer and both the oncologist and the radio oncologist were there. We were looking through optics, slides of my daughter's brain. They all confirmed that the damage that they saw was a result of the chemotherapy and radiation. So we know that she died cancer free. The only child of that diagnosis that's ever been cancer free and we know what killed her."

Chemotherapy and radiation are used to treat almost ALL types of pediatric cancer. They are both also recognized as poison and come with a never ending list of side effects that are so gruesome, I wont give you the details here.  One of those side effects can be death. The doctors also make sure to disclose that chemotherapy and radiation do not discriminate. The chemo does not have the ability to just kill the bad cells. They kill everything. This is why the effects of these drugs/treatment can be so devastating and end up killing many children.  Upon hearing this, I immediately knew there would be a way we could still support Kickers body to heal and recover while he underwent such an aggressive and toxic treatment plan. I understand the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation, but shouldn’t we then approach the treatment of our children to not just ‘cut, burn and poison,’ but seal up, detox and heal as well? That is what we are doing with our son. And so far it is working very well. 


Knowledge is power!  A study done by Dr. Thomas Seyfried at Boston College showed that those following a strict Ketogenic Diet, could reduce chemotherapy dosage by 75% and still find NO CANCER PRESENT at the conclusion of treatment.  It is not new science that glucose feeds cancer cells and fat starves them. This is even recognized amongst many conventional physicians, especially for treating seizures.

When I asked our nurse practitioner the first week in the hospital why the kids were being fed Cheetos, diet coke and chocolate pudding, she said "A calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie, we just want these kids to eat." And then I slapped her. Just kidding-but I honestly wanted to cry.  If there is a way to lessen the amount of poison that is being used to kill the cancer in our children and assist their bodies NATURAL ability to heal, then why wouldn’t we be doing that. After all, doesn’t the medical industry have ‘our best interest in mind?’

“Most conventional cancer treatments tend to add insult to injury by doing more harm than good -- a fact that has been largely swept under the rug by the medical industry. The real culprits—the underlying causes—are completely ignored, and that is, I believe, the root of the problem. The cancer industry has become a massive for-profit business that is doing everything in its power to maintain the status quo. It is, quite simply, not interested in truly reducing cancer rates; it's interested in treating cancer.  From that perspective, the more cancer cases the better... Even many oncologists, whom most regard as the go-to specialist upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, may be better described as chemotherapy specialists than cancer specialists.” Dr. Joseph Mercola

I do want to believe that most of our doctors have our best interest in mind. Why would you want to become a pediatric oncologist if you didn’t want to save lives, right? I just believe that they are being controlled like puppets by a bigger industry that has no mindset of treating the whole body, and like all physicians will tell you “we only receive 1 week of nutrition in medical school.” That is comforting (sarcastic voice), that the very fuel that we put into our body 3-5X a day to give us energy, life, etc. is only studied by the very people who we depend on to save our life for 1 DAMN WEEK!?!?!  Ok, ok, I will get back to the point…

Following a strict Ketogenic diet and avoiding all glucose except veggies and some fruit is the first step that we took.  Second we incorporate a daily detox regime that includes supplementation (that is NOT contraindicated with any of the conventional treatment he is doing). We do at home remedies such as Epsom salt baths, use ofessential oils on pressure points to maintain the integrity of his immune system, etc. We do castor oil packs on his little liver to help drain toxins. We incorporate juicing as often as possible. We do ozone therapy and will soon begin some IV vitamin C therapy once he is on a lower dose of chemo. We also see our Osteopathic physician, Dr. Moreno, once a week, the day after his chemo treatment. Dr. Moreno helps Kickers body eliminate all of the unnecessary toxins from the chemo, works on the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of his precious body.

This is just a very short, and not even all-inclusive list of some of the things we are doing to support our son.  My next post will include more details the support we are giving Kicker, so stay tuned and start doing your research. There IS hope. I believe if we can bring light to this travesty, that we will get more than 3.8% of funding for cancer research and then….just maybe, we will have the ability for a beautiful marriage of conventional and alternative medicine in approaching disease.

*For those of you are like details on studies, links, research, etc. these will all be published in the book I am working on. In the meantime, as this is my personal blog I am leaving a lot of the citations, research articles out. If you are interested, please email me and I can get it to you. Thank you for your visit and the time you have taken to read this!

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Season Johnson, B.A., NTP uses her knowledge in preventive healthcare and nutrition science to educate families on how to achieve real health in a real-life way. Through a nutrient dense diet, detox remedies and healthy living, she is helping her 3 year old son, beat cancer and thrive during conventional treatment.