When Medicine Is Wrong

I am thankful for our Oncologist. She is kind, communicative and really cares about my son. I am thankful for the research that has gone into childhood cancer treatment and for the ability to have the option of medicine when it is necessary. I am also very thankful for the technological advances in medicine that played an integral part in diagnosing my son with cancer. However, if we had had a choice, I am not certain we would have chosen to treat Kicker's cancer with conventional medicine, chemotherapy, etc, and because we do not have that choice, we are making the most of being in the midst of a very helpful, yet corrupt, world of medicine.

The definition of medicine is “the field of applied science related to the art of healing by diagnosistreatment, and prevention of disease.[1] It encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness in human beings.”

Hey...I like that!..."the art of healing by diagnosis, treatment and PREVENTION of disease." I mean, watching the hands of a heart surgeon, the intense and focused gaze of a neurologist as he reviews CT scans or the ability to reconstruct limbs via technology - THAT is art. It is a blessing that we have come so far and have such talented individuals who choose to practice medicine., but when medicine is wrong, our lives are jeopardized and the art of healing is lost. We have become entirely too dependent on medicine to maintain our health!

The mentality of 'cut, burn, poison' is widely accepted amongst both physicians and patients. The art of healing by diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease should primarily look at addressing the underlying cause of the health issue. For example, if your gallbladder is acting up, the response is often met with, "well, let's just cut it out…you don't need it anyway." WHAT?! First of all, we DO need that organ to assimilate fat, detox and make babies. (God was very intentional in designing our bodies!) So instead, let's first attempt to detox the gallbladder and look at a diet and supplemental protocol that will help support healing that organ...but ohhhh wait...that won't make any money because diet and supplementation produces zero dollar signs for big pharma, and since big pharma funds medical schools, where our physicians get their education, well, addressing the underlying cause of disease just got a whole lot more unlikely.

Have you ever heard the Latin phrase, Priumum non nocere? It means, "first, do no harm," and it is a foundational principle that every medical student is taught.

What about the Hippocratic Oath...I am sure you have heard of it. Well, upon graduation from medical school, every new physician publicly takes this oath on stage and in front of their peers. Let me remind you of what is states.

Interesting, eh?

First off, I want to defend physicians by stating that as a culture, we are so unhealthy. We no longer take care of ourselves; therefore, we put a huge demand on doctors to make us better with drugs, surgeries, etc. We absolutely have to take responsibility for the way medicine has changed by putting an end to using it as a ‘band aid,’ and instead, use it for only acute situations. It is time that both physicians and patients feel some conviction about addressing the underlying cause of disease. Although I do understand that there are reasons for physicians to use a knife and occasionally the use of a deadly drug, such as chemotherapy, I do wonder how much of the Hippocratic Oath is actually upheld today in the practice of medicine? It is almost like we have gone backwards...we FIRST use the knife or FIRST use the deadly drug, and then, when NOTHING else works, there is a VERY slim chance that we are forced into looking at the underlying cause of disease through alternative medicine. 

I also want to touch on the following statement in the oath: I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment. As I have stated in the past, there has been research done (primarily by Dr. Otto Warburg and most recently, Dr. Thomas Seyfried) showing that if you put a patient on a diet that is mostly ketogenic and devoid of any sugar, you can reduce the amount of chemotherapy by upwards of 70%! Yet, if you ask most oncologists, they will say, “Oh, diet has nothing to do with cancer treatment. Just let them eat whatever they will eat...a calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie.” Well, I beg to differ! Let's look at a PET scan, which is the primary tool used by physicians to detect and diagnose cancer. When a PET scan is given, a radio-traced glucose (sugar) is injected into the body which causes the cancer cells to light up at the uptake of sugar. This is very effective in assisting any detection because cancer cells uptake sugar at a rate of 40% more than typical cells. So, I'm sorry...did someone say that diet doesn’t affect cancer treatment?!

I will also not donate to any conventional childhood cancer research, such as American Cancer Society, and I encourage all of my friends and family to follow suit. Why? Well, those funds go to pharmaceutical companies whom then turn around and give $20,000,000 grants, for example, to a research group. Those pharmaceutical companies are not going to be very happy if the research groups research a ‘natural supplement or natural diet’ to cure cancer. No...they want to see a drug produced that will make them a very large profit.

So then, let me ask...do some of those drugs prove effective? Yes, but we have been fighting this cancer war since Nixon declared the official “war on cancer” 40 years ago with the National Cancer Act, and what have we been fighting this war with? Drugs, drugs and more drugs. According to the American Cancer Society, 569,490 people died in the US from cancer in 2010. In 2002, the death toll from cancer was 555,500. The American Cancer Society also declares that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime. Within 5 years, cancer will be the leading cause of death in America. So, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that despite the billions of dollars thrown at the cancer industry, we are loosing this war. 

Actually, more people are dying from treatment and not the disease. Daily, pediatric cancer patients are suffering from medicine induced fungal infections, bacterial infections, severely compromised immune systems and organ failure. Seriously, what good is it if their tumors are shrinking, but their body is too weak to function? Please hear me...I am not asking to completely get rid of medicine, but I am asking for a treatment plan designed to heal the body without profit being the priority. I am asking for doctors and patients to consider diet and detox as a foundational part of cancer treatment. We can't play dumb and ignore the evidence that what we are doing is not working. 

Please also don’t get me wrong...I absolutely believe that childhood cancer research needs more funding. With a dismal 3.8% of all of the funds allocated to cancer research going to pediatrics, we are in desperate need of more funding. HOWEVER, until big pharma puts HEALTH before profit, that funding is going to have to go to private individuals or groups that bust their ass to do their own research for real healing and less toxic treatments, and then, hope and pray it is published. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.13.37 PM.png

We started the KICKcancER Movement, and one of the things we raise money for is to allocate scholarships to kids with cancer. Those scholarships are then used toward alternative treatment options, supplementation, food and tools for at home detox because most likely, all of those items are outside of someone’s reach because they are not covered by insurance. And THAT is the kind of funding we need! 

And in the meantime, we personally have to take this responsibility into our own hands, and this is why our family has employed a team of alternative practitioners for Kicker, follow a strict ketogenic diet and practice a very intense regiment of detox remedies and immune supplementation. Yes, all of the research was done On! Our! Own! because insurance won’t cover ANY of it because it is considered “preventive.” Oh, the irony, especially when we look again at the definition of medicine being “the field of applied science related to the art of healing by diagnosistreatment and prevention of disease.” THIS is exactly where medicine has gone wrong.

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Season Johnson

Season Johnson, B.A., NTP uses her knowledge in preventive healthcare and nutrition science to educate families on how to achieve real health in a real-life way. Through a nutrient dense diet, detox remedies and healthy living, she is helping her 3 year old son, beat cancer and thrive during conventional treatment.