Paleo Almond Joy Cookies!

Almond Joy Cookies!

I love almond joys-but choose not to eat them because of the unhealthy ingredients. So i came up with my own recipe for a GRAIN FREE, healthier alternative to an almond joy in cookie form.  Your welcome.


2 1/2 cups of blanched almond flour
2 TBL organic coconut flour 
1 1/2 cups of organic unsweetned coconut flakes
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 cup of enjoy life chocolate chips
1 TBS organic vanilla extract
1/4 cup raw honey
1/2 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil (you can also use 1/2 cup organic butter)
2 organic pastured eggs

Combine all dry ingredients, cream honey, coconut oil, eggs and vanilla together, then add to the dry ingredients. Mix well and bake at 350 for 10 minutes! You are welcome :)

Healthy, Homemade Ranch That Even Your Husband Will Love!


I am so picky about salad dressings that I have always just ended up making my own. When it came to ranch (which my husband would drink as a beverage if he could) I could not find a single brand or even dry mix that didn't have 100% real food ingredients. Without finding something healthy enough for me to let him consume in the mass quantities that he does, I tried my go at creating me own recipe. It is so delicious and I may or may not have seen the huz sneak a sip directly out of the jar….

1TBL fresh chives
1tsp dried parsley
2 cloves garlic
1/4 of a white onion (red works too)
pinch of white pepper
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup mayo (either homemade or Hain Safflower Mayonnaise is the best)
4 TBS plain whole milk yogurt
Juice of 1 lemon

Blend all ingredients in a food processor and ENJOY! If you keep it in a sealed container in the fridge it will last over a week.


Grain Free & Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie!


I have a slight obsession with pumpkins…in fact I am sitting here next to my fire, watching the snow fall and eating a piece of the most delicious pumpkin pie.  It is November which means my obsession is in full gear..pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin porridge, you name it!  And I even keep a steady aroma of pumpkin diffusing throughout the house, using clove and cinnamon essential oils :)

Speaking of clove and cinnamon, did you know that certified pure therapeutic grade clove and cinnamon essential oils have powerful antibacterial effects AND when combined, they are a powerful antioxidant? So not only am I enjoying the aroma, but I am killing the bacteria in the air as well as diffusing antioxidants. Cheers to multitasking :)

Both clove and cinnamon have a few other extraordinary medicinal benefits:

Clove: Soothing, antibacterial, purifyingprotects against threats, anti-inflammatory, strong antiseptic, supports cellular healthcleansing, disinfectant, antioxidant and immune stimulant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cinnamon: Antibacterial, upliftingrejuvenatingprotects against threats, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant,  cleansingrelaxantboosts the immune system, astringent, purifier, sexual stimulant and body warming.

To learn more about essential oils and the medicinal benefits, read this post


The holidays are no excuse to compromise on our nutrition standards. Especially because the holidays fall during the peak of cold and flu season. We can still enjoy delicious deserts, nutrient dense meals and comforting beverages, while maintaining integrity with our diet, and in turn our health. This recipe which was inspired by Mommypotamus, is a great example of that!


Pumpkin Pie with Sweet Pecan Crust

By: Heather at Mommypotamus

Pie Crust:

3 eggs, 2 TBL plus 1 tsp. raw honey, 2 TBL plus 1 tsp. butter, 1 1⁄4 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. sea salt, 2–4 cups pecans

*Preheat the oven to 350F and grease a pie plate with butter or coconut oil

*Add all ingredients except 2 cups nuts to the food processor and blend (check the consistency – it should be a thick paste)

*Add pecans incrementally until paste consistency is reached

*Put the crust mix into the pie plate and mush it with the back of a spoon or your fingers until it is smooth and flat across the bottom and sides of the pie plate

*Smooth just a tad over the lip of the plate but not all the way (nut crusts have a tendency to burn easier)

*Put the crusts into the oven and bake for 10 or 15 minutes

Pumpkin Pie Filling:

1 small sugar pumpkin, 1 cup coconut milk, 2 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1 tsp. ground ginger, 1⁄4 tsp. ground cloves, 1 tsp. sea salt, 1/2 cup grade b maple syrup, 4 eggs

*Preheat oven to 350F

*Cut pumpkin in half and scoop out seeds (seeds can be reserved for roasting)

*Place pumpkin halves cut side down, in a baking dish and add 1/4 inch water and bake for about 45 minutes

*Remove from the oven when you can easily pierce the shell with a fork 

*Scoop out the flesh and place in a food processor or blender

*Puree until smooth, adding some of the coconut milk if necessary to thin it out enough to blend

*When the puree is ready, add the rest of the coconut milk, eggs, maple syrup and spices

*Add filling to pie crust and bake for 45 minutes to one hour 


Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

As if sweet potatoes or bacon needed anymore reason to be delicious, meet the perfect foodie marriage. This has become a weekly routine in our house, stuffed sweet potato sundays along with taco salad tuesdays.  Sweet potatoes are full of nutrients including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Contrary to their family member, the russet potato, sweet potatoes are much lower in sugar as well as carbohydrates. This has given them a sudden rise in fame over the last few years, as nutrition minded athletes, and hipsters alike have replaced inflammatory grains and starchy carbs with this flavorful and versatile root vegetable. 

According to Dr. Mercola, "Orange sweet potatoes have anti-carcinogenic properties, {however} purple sweet potatoes have better cancer-fighting abilities because they have cyanidins and peonidins, which have a positive effect against cancer cell growth." 

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Fried Green Tomatoes

Serves 4

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes:

4 Large Organic Sweet Potatoes

6 TBL grass-fed butter

2 large avocados, cut into chunks

1/2 of a small red cabbage, shredded

1 large bunch of organic broccoli, steamed and chopped

1 medium organic onion, chopped

1/2 lb raw organic cheddar, shredded

6 TBL cultured, organic sour cream

1 lb pastured, organic pork bacon, fried and broken into pieces, reserve the bacon grease


  • Preheat oven to 375F, scrub sweet potatoes and prick holes all over the skin
  • Bake sweet potatoes for 45 minutes or until skin begins to separate from flesh and the potato feels soft.
  • Once potatoes are done, slice lengthwise and add 2 TBL butter to each potato 
  • Fill each potato with toppings as desired
Many of us have unripened tomatoes on the vine and now that the weather has changed, we will not likely see them turn a beautiful deep red. Here is a wonderful way to still enjoy the bounty of your garden in the final weeks of the season.


Fried Green Tomatoes

3 Large organic green tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp pepper

1/4 cup almond flour

4 TBL organic parmesan

1 tsp garlic powder



  • Combine almond flour, garlic, salt, pepper, parmesan and garlic powder until mixed well
  • Slice tomatoes into rounds and dip each tomato in the almond flour mixture, making sure to coat each side well
  • Heat up reserved bacon grease and place tomatoes in frying pan.
  • Fry until tomato is crispy and browning, then flip and repeat
  • Remove from pan and set aside

For more delicious grain free recipes, click here to see my 30 Day Real Food Meal Plan!





Healthy School Lunches: Kid Tested and Approved!

I see you there, running around like a banchee warrior with your head chopped off.  Half dressed,  coffee in hand, forcing your kids to inhale their breakfast while you guilt-i-ly throw some pre packaged form of something that is sold as food, (but you can't quite pronounce most of the ingredients), in their lunch box. As you lovingly smack their cute little rear-end pushing them out the door with a kiss, you promise that "tomorrow your lunch will be better and healthier!" You then fall into the couch with your cold cup of coffee and think "what the hell just happened." And your second thought is, "I could really use some ideas for more creative and healthy lunches."

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Butternut-squash & Bacon Stew

I thought I would share with you all one of our favorite healthy, nutrient dense meals. Most of you know that we are following a Ketogenic diet to assist Kicker's body in getting rid of the cancer. You can read more about that here. Many people assume that eating this way is likely boring, too bland, or maybe too complicated. This delicious recipe will prove all of those assumptions wrong and make an ass out of u and me….get it, assume….never mind, I will get back to whats for dinner. 


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Grain Free Graham Crackers!

I have always liked LOVED graham crackers, especially with cream cheese on them. Oh my! Idon't love that most store bought graham crackers have high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and enriched flour, amongst many other less than healthful ingredients. We had our first bonfire of the season last night and enjoyed these tasty treats with some homemade marshmallows and organic, sugar free, soy free chocolate! My kids thought it was their birthday-no seriously my 2 year old kept asking "mommy is today Kicker's birthday again?" I was the favorite...for the moment...and then Joshman resumed his roll as favorite as soon as they woke up the next morning :) After a year or so of playing around with a few recipes I finally perfected the yummiest, grain free, dairy free and sugar free graham cracker! BOY are they good! 

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Raw Milk Baby Formula

What the HELL are those words? Funny you ask-those are the ingredients of Similac Sensitive Powdered Formula for infants. Similac is the number one formula brand used in US hospitals. This absolutley sickens me. I don't get fired up about too many things, but the health of an infant/toddler-ohhhh! Just picture a kung-fu-fighter on crack that is having the munchies and just found out someone stole his doritos! That is ME when it comes to the health of babies. 

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Grain Free Granola

This granola is amazing. Funny story-my sweet Selah had never had cereal in her short little life. The other day I broke her granola bar into pieces and poured milk in a bowl and made it cereal (we were out of eggs). She FLIPPED. Not happy! She said, "MAMA THIS IS COLD! WHAT IS IN MY MILK?" Once I convinced her to try it she loved it, but my little girl still prefers her warm breakfasts of eggs and bacon, coconut flour pancakes or soaked oatmeal.

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The BEST Chocolate Cake Ever….Oh and A Little Inspiration From Jack in The Box!

Can I first tell you where the inspiration for this creation came from? Jack in the Box! We were watching tv one night and a Jack in the Crack commercial came on advertising their new 'breakfast sandwich.' I couldn't help but actually mutter the words, 'that sounds really good!' This of course led to the huz shooting me a look of utter excitement and falling off of the couch to get the keys and 'so selflessly' offer to get me a 'frankenfood' creation. I quickly retracted 'no, I mean I am totally going to make this-tomorrow for your birthday!' As I am sure he was a bit disappointed that he no longer had an excuse to hit up the drive thru at 11pm like his college days-I knew I wouldn't disappoint. 

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