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How to Use Essential Oils to Support Cancer 


Wednesday, September 25th

12:00 PM PT

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During This Free Webinar, You'll Learn:

  • The science behind essential oils and how they work.
  • 3 ways to safely and effectively use essential oils.
  • Essential oils to support 9 possible side effects.
  • Essential oils and therapies to support detoxification.
  • My top recommendations to for immune support, damaged DNA, inflammation and cell support.
  • How to ensure your essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic and safe.

About the Presenter, Season Johnson, NTP:

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I understand that each person is bio-chemically unique, and yet, all can greatly benefit from a nutrient dense, properly prepared diet to support good health.

The most defining moment in my life and career was walking my son through a 3.5 year cancer battle. My passion for real health took a huge step forward, as I knew it was a matter of my son’s immediate and long term survival. For the entire duration of his treatment, we watched him thrive and enjoy living life like a normal, healthy little boy, even while taking chemotherapy daily and undergoing countless surgeries. 

As a result, it's my goal to educate and empower others on how to eliminate the underlying causes of disease in the body and to support the body where needed through diet, nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes, essential oils and other natural solutions so that they can live their healthiest and fullest life possible!

Season Johnson is the Founder of the KICKcancER Movement and received the WAPF Activist Award in 2014 for her work in supporting pediatric cancer patients through real food and nutritional therapy. Additionally, Season is a Presidential Diamond with doTERRA Essential Oils and is well-versed in using essential oils to enhance the body’s own healing abilities. You can learn more about Season at

What Others Have Learned:

From Melissa

"In March of this year my husband became seriously debilitated with cancer in his spine that Dr's could not properly diagnose for weeks...After 4 biopsies, it was finally determined that he had 'Diffuse Large B-cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma' that was rooted in his spine (sacrum).

Shortly after the diagnosis, a PET scan revealed that the Lymphoma had metastasized and was already stage 4...we jumped on board with a plant-based diet and followed all of your tips for detox & oils during chemotherapy!

We can honestly say that he made it through an aggressive chemotherapy reasonably well, and we whole-heartedly believe that it was because we were able to support his body naturally during chemo. So thank you for sharing these tips with the rest of us, thank you thank you."

From Stacy

"We have been following Season’s recommendations of nutrition, detox and essential oils for a little while now and great advice it was! We slowly started our family on a healthy diet, and essential oils.  

My daughter has improved so much!  

She always had low platelet counts, low hemoglobin, low WBC and low ANC. Now, she is just shy of 2 weeks of being on a healthy diet, bone broth 3x a week, daily essential oil use and a probiotic, and her counts have nearly doubled!  

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping our family!!!"