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How to Use Natural Remedies to Support Weight Loss (Part 1: Detoxification)


Wednesday, October 16th

12:00 PM PT

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During This Free Webinar, You'll Learn:

  • What essential oils are and the 3 ways to safely and effectively use them.
  • The 1st step to helping your body lose weight.
  • 7 common toxins and where they hide.
  • 4 detox organs and essential oils to support them.
  • 2 detox therapies and 2 detox drinks, as well as, the essential oils to include in them.
  • My #1 detoxification essential oil.
  • How to ensure your essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic and safe.

About the Presenter, Season Johnson, NTP:

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I understand that each person is bio-chemically unique, and yet, all can greatly benefit from a nutrient dense, properly prepared diet to support good health.

The most defining moment in my life and career was walking my son through a 3.5 year cancer battle. My passion for real health took a huge step forward, as I knew it was a matter of my son’s immediate and long term survival. For the entire duration of his treatment, we watched him thrive and enjoy living life like a normal, healthy little boy, even while taking chemotherapy daily and undergoing countless surgeries. 

As a result, it's my goal to educate and empower others on how to eliminate the underlying causes of disease in the body and to support the body where needed through diet, nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes, essential oils and other natural solutions so that they can live their healthiest and fullest life possible!

Season Johnson is the Founder of the KICKcancER Movement and received the WAPF Activist Award in 2014 for her work in supporting pediatric cancer patients through real food and nutritional therapy. Additionally, Season is a Presidential Diamond with doTERRA Essential Oils and is well-versed in using essential oils to enhance the body’s own healing abilities. You can learn more about Season at

What Others Have Learned:

From Joyell

"The Slim and Sassy Softgels have helped me.

I was taking 2 a day but didn't notice much. I've bumped up to 3 a day and they have curbed my cravings and my hunger tremendously. 

I've lost a pound or two since. It's been about 3 weeks since I bumped up to 3 softgels."

From Lacy

"Lemon in my water takes away the itch to grab a diet Sierra Mist."

From Sue

"I do Lemon in my water all day, Slim and Sassy with lunch and dinner to curb the cravings and Yarrow|Pom, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Tumeric, Copaiba, and Frankincense morning and night.

I have kicked sugar and lost 15 lbs."

From Michelle

"My favorite combo is Cassia and Grapefruit in water. The Yarrow|Pom in a veggie capsule has helped immensely with cravings.

For strong cravings, I also apply a drop of Slim & Sassy on my tongue, chew the Slim & Sassy gum or take a PB Assist Jr!"

From Kathy

"Wild Orange and Lemon in my water has totally reduced my soda habit to 0! I do not crave it at all!"

From Rayann

"One drop of Cinnamon under the tongue!! The spice slaps me silly and I'm forced to walk away from any sugar cravings!!"

From Vicki

"I find I drink more water when I add Lemon. 

Also, taking the LLV I have found I feel better and don't eat as much!"