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How to Use Natural Remedies to Support Weight Loss (Part 3: The Gut)


Wednesday, October 30th

12:00 PM PT

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During This Free Webinar, You'll Learn:

  • How essential oils work and 3 ways to safely and effectively use them.
  • The first 3 steps to support weight loss.
  • 3 steps to maintain a healthy gut and practical ways you can start making changes today.
  • Signs of poor fat and protein digestion and how to improve it.
  • Signs of yeast overgrowth and how to reduce it.
  • How to ensure your essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic and safe.

About the Presenter, Season Johnson, NTP:

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I understand that each person is bio-chemically unique, and yet, all can greatly benefit from a nutrient dense, properly prepared diet to support good health.

The most defining moment in my life and career was walking my son through a 3.5 year cancer battle. My passion for real health took a huge step forward, as I knew it was a matter of my son’s immediate and long term survival. For the entire duration of his treatment, we watched him thrive and enjoy living life like a normal, healthy little boy, even while taking chemotherapy daily and undergoing countless surgeries. 

As a result, it's my goal to educate and empower others on how to eliminate the underlying causes of disease in the body and to support the body where needed through diet, nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes, essential oils and other natural solutions so that they can live their healthiest and fullest life possible!

Season Johnson is the Founder of the KICKcancER Movement and received the WAPF Activist Award in 2014 for her work in supporting pediatric cancer patients through real food and nutritional therapy. Additionally, Season is a Presidential Diamond with doTERRA Essential Oils and is well-versed in using essential oils to enhance the body’s own healing abilities. You can learn more about Season at

What Others Have Learned:

From Jory B.

"My husband has been a wrestler since a very young age and for a time turned to Bulimia for weight control. This has resulted in long term digestive issues.

Digest Zen was one of the first oils my family began using regularly and it has made all the difference in his health. 

Every year from October to May his body habitually began rejecting food. But for the last 2 years (since Digest Zen) he has not been experiencing that problem."

From Traci M.

"DigestZen rubbed on my stomach when it isn't feeling well is a life-saver! If I need more help than that, I put a drop under my tongue. But now I am using TerraZyme daily with meals, PB Assist once a day, and they are game changers! My digestion is sooo much better. Gut health is so important!"

From Jessica P.

"I suffer from IBS and acid reflux. Since starting DigestZen just rubbed on my stomach every day, I haven't had to take tums anymore. I was taking tums daily and sometimes also Zantac."

From Sara C.

"When I first started using essential oils, I had a very gassy 4 month oid baby girl. She was often very uncomfortable, and the DigestZen oil (heavily diluted) rubbed on her belly was the only thing that worked! And it worked well!!"

From Christie S.

"My son was diagnosed with Celiac's this past summer and we tried the Digestzen Softgels.

He has not had any stomach aches since!"

From Yvonne N.

"DigestZen was my gateway oil. I suffered with heartburn for about 25 years starting with my first pregnancy. Costco size bottle of Omeprazole. 

I did the 30 day cleanse and during that process learned that my issue was not too much acid but a lack of digestive enzymes. I started taking TerraZyme and no more heartburn. 

I have also had a follow up upper GI and the doctor confirmed that I no longer have any signs of acid erosio. Yippee!"

From Christy H.

"Digestzen is the best product I've ever used for tummy issues. It almost completely did away with my daughter's colic and has been a staple in our household since she was a baby. I am so grateful!"