Season Johnson Nutritional Therapy

Healing ailments from the inside out
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Nutritional Therapy is the practice of healing with real foods and listening to the body's innate intelligence in order to gain knowledge of where support and healing is needed. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, my work is different than other allopathically minded nutritionists. My approach is science based, yet holistically minded. My practice is rooted in the conviction that each of us are bio-chemical individuals and that a nutrient dense, properly prepared, diet is a form of medicine that can heal and support good health. Staying true to this mantra has proven that our bodies are amazingly capable of restoring balance. My goal is not to just treat or band-aid illness, disease, injury or chronic health problems, but to find the underlying cause and bring support to the body where it is needed.

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Introducing 30 Day Real Food Menu Plans!
30 Days of breakfast lunch and dinner with 2 different plans to choose from : Gluten and Sugar Free or Grain, Dairy and Sugar Free!

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