What Would You Do If Your Child Was Diagnosed With Cancer?

1 week before Thanksgiving, 2013, my almost 3-year-old baby boy stopped walking. He had been complaining of back pain, leg pain and tummy aches off and on for about a month, but we shrugged it off as nothing more than the 'terrible two's." Then one day he stopped walking, like literally began crawling and would say his legs hurt too bad to walk. I remember I walked into my room, closed the door and called my friend and mentor, Kim. As soon as she answered I lost it. Through tears I told her I was worried that something really serious was wrong. I just knew in my gut. She tried to comfort me and tell me that Kicker was fine and that I was probably overreacting. 

Fast forward to 1 week later. We sat in the Loma Linda Emergency Room and were told by the ER nurse, that we were being transferred to the Pediatric Oncology Floor. I will never forget looking at my husband's blank stare when they said that, and him asking "what is the Oncology floor?"

Imagine that your job is cancer prevention. You spend your days educating on the importance of diet and detox. You teach mothers how to care for their young children, how to keep them healthy and avoid unnecessary pharmaceuticals.  Imagine speaking to large groups of people, teaching them how to prevent disease. And then your baby gets cancer. You can imagine the shock, the devastation, the questioning and the doubt. I had never felt so helpless in my life. Suddenly I didn't have an answer, I didn't know what to do, what to give my son, what to feed him. I just watched his precious body be pumped full of toxic drugs that were intended to kill this disease. This disease that I would have never imagined would invade my healthy son's body. 

What would you do? Honestly, what would you do if your child was diagnosed with cancer?

Would you crawl into a ball and rock yourself to sleep, praying that you would wake up from this nightmare? Would you beg and plead for Jesus to give the disease to you and free your child? Would you shut down and just sit helpless, with a blank stare, in a chair next to your son's bed while nurses came in with bags of posison to inject into your child's veins? Well, I did all of the above…until about 3 weeks into his diagnosis. I slowly regained conciousnes and began to stand on my own. I suddenly developed a strength that can only be credited to the Lord. I did what any other mother would do. I went into beast mode. 

After implementing a strict, nutrient dense diet, rigorous detox, and essential oils along with numerous alternative practitioners to support my son's immune system, we noticed consistent attention from physicians, nurses, other cancer families, who were in awe of how incredibly well Kicker was doing.

He was literally thriving during conventional cancer treatment. He wasn't throwing up, he wasn't getting mouth sores, he wasn't getting sick, he had incredible energy, color, appetite, no leg pain. He was kicking cancers ass. 

I began taking phone calls and emails from other cancer moms who were following our story and desperatly begging for help. Wondering how they could help their child experience similar results during treatment. Often I would get off the phone with another cancer mom and just cry. I had these mixed emotions of heartbreak as I would hear how their precious children were suffering, and then this feeling of responsibility-like I had something that I could offer to help,desperate to do so, but unsure how. 

Thus KICKcancER was born. 

3.5 years into this journey,  I can now see that our suffering has not been in vein. That our tears have been for a purpose. We have been called to help educate and empower other cancer families on how they can help their child THRIVE during conventional cancer treatment, and live a long, healthy life. Do you know of a child who has been affected by cancer? We ask you to share this movement with their family so that we can help. 

We are excited to announce our next KICKcancER Educational Retreat on October 27-29 in Berkeley, CA at the Claremont Hotel & Spa. This is an opportunity for cancer families to learn how to implement holistic therapies from experts in the fields of nutrition, detox, natural immune support, essential oils, cannabis and more. Our goal is to empower others with information so they can help their child thrive both during and after conventional cancer treatment. 

How can you help?

By sharing our movement with the world! Share it on your social media pages, in conversation with your friends and family. If you have the means, please donate to our movement so that we can provide more families with the funding to afford these alternative treatments. KICKcancER is an approved 501c3, so all donations are tax deductible. Lastly, join us in prayer. Please pray that our movement is effective and that we touch as many lives as possible, educating and empowering families to help their child THRIVE.